About BlockSnap

Create, Discover, Build, and Discuss Local Blocks Created by You

Anyone, anywhere can upload a collection of photos, pin them to a real–world map location, and allow others to discover those locations, add their own photos, and socialize around them.

What Kinds of Pictures Can I Upload?

Any kind you like, as long as they can be pinned on the map (and of course adhere to our site’s content policies). Blocks can be a simple panoramic view of a block, the interior of a restaurant, a team of athletes, or a set of sculptures in a garden. Buildings, people, animals, or objects… the sky’s the limit, be creative!

Where is Blocksnap headed?

Blocksnap was created with a single, ambitious goal: To be the answer when someone asks, “What does a particular block look and feel like?” We aim to be the web’s central source of user-created local photo views, news, and social information. We’re working on some cool new features, including an iphone app. Stay tuned!

Blocksnap is by the People, for the People

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and start a Blocksnap. The world is waiting to see what your neighborhood looks like. Join us, and help build the world’s largest user–created source of local photos and information.

Photo Uploading Tips

Uploading photos can take time. The larger your photo, the longer it will take to upload. To make your Blocksnapping experience snappier, we recommend you use your favorite image editing program like Photoshop to make your pictures smaller before you upload. 640x480 is a good size, since we don't store your photos any bigger than that anyway. And if you know how to set the resolution, 72dpi will do the trick. These tips will make life much easier for you. Have fun!